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Friday, 1 April 2011

Trigger workflow upon Status Change

Today I will show you how to trigger a workflow,upon a specific System Status.e.g PM module Notification IW21 status.
 Our case is built on PM Notification system Status (OSNO) (outstanding)but can be made on any other too.
We want to trigger the workflow and send mail to relevant person when ever the system status is OSNO
  • Go to SWDD. Create a new workflow and save it under your package
  • Custom BO / event will be used because BUS2080 Business Object does not have our required Event.So we first create a new BO which is a subtype of BUS2080 thru delegation concept.
    Thru SWO1 tcode ,we have made a new BO ZBUS2080 which inherits all
    Attributes and methods of BUS2080.In this custom BO,We have added a new event
Click on the Basics Data button or press Ctrl-f8 and enter the work flow starting event.
Click on agent assignment button and assign task as General Task.
Add a mail step.
Go to BSVW (Status Management) tcode which is used for event linkage

 Click on Customer Settings.
Add a new entry as shown in figure.We will use QMI Status OT.It will vary depending on Module/requirement.
Now test your workflow ,it will trigger whenever the Notification System status is OSNO
Hope this tutorial is helpful to you.